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Hosted by Lucy Aharish
Tuesday, October 18, 2022


Arrival, Registration and Welcome


Opening Remarks:

Ms Naama Kaufman Fass, Director General, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Mr. Eli Lankri, Mayor of Eilat


Success Stories from Israel:

Queen Prawn, from Genetics to Worldwide Vertical Integration – Dr. Assaf Shechter, CEO, Enzootic

Defeating Hunger Through Aquaculture – The Story of Lake Victoria – Prof. Berta Levavi Sivan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Microalgae Production in the Israeli Desert – Dr. Omer Grundman, VP R&D, Algatech


Food Security and Climate Changes: 

Panel Discussion with the Participation of Ministers & High Level Officials 


National Perspectives on Aquaculture Future Development 

Panel Discussion on Regional Challenges for Food Security Facing Climatic Change and Environmental Concerns

Dr. Abdelmalek Faraj, Director, National Research Institute for Fishery Resources, Morocco
Mr. Talal Judeh Ahmed Al-Zeq, Head of Water and Environment Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Jordan
Mr. Mohammed Mousa Al Ameeri, Assistant Undersecretary of Food Diversity Sector, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, United Arab Emirates
Dr. Sherif Sadek, Immediate Past President, African Chapter, World Aquaculture Society, Aquaculture Consultant Office, Egypt
Dr. Alexandra Troyano-Groux, Régional Agricultural Conseiller for Lebanon, Iraq, Iran & Egypt, French Embassy in Lebanon, France

Eng. Noam Mozes, Head of Mariculture Department, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, Israel
Moderator: Mr. Yaakov Poleg, Senior Deputy Director General for Foreign Trade & Inter. Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, Israel





Day 1
Day 2
Wednesday, October 19, 2022

All Day

Exhibition and B2B


Opening Remarks:

H.E. Mr. Oded Forer, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Minister for the Development of the Periphery, the Negev and the Galilee

H.E. Mr. Esawi Frej, Minister of Regional Cooperation


Prelude Keynotes:

The Trajectory of Human Nutrition - Prof. David Passig
The Biotechnology Evolution for the Blue Revolution - Prof. Yonathan Zohar, Chair, Department of Marine Biotechnology, Director, Aquaculture Research Center, University of Maryland


Fire Side Chat: The Future of Research

Dr. Hanna Rosenfeld, Director, NCM-IOLR with Dr. Michal Levy, Chief Scientist & Senior Deputy Director General, Agriculture Innovation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development


Coffee Break


A Blueprint for Sustainable Aquaculture and Future Trends of Aquaculture 

Dr. Flavio Corsin, Director of Partnerships, AQUA spark


Environmentally Responsible Aquaculture and Aquafeeds

Fish Artificial IntestineDr. Amir Bitan, Researcher, Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research

The Power of Nature - Herbal Medicine in Aquaculture –
Dr. Sagiv Kolkovski, Director, Nutrakol Pty Ltd. 
Black Soldier Fly – AP for Aqua Feed – Ms Proscovia Alando, Ressect, CO -Founder


Aquaculture Biotechnology, Genomics, and Genetics:

Genome Editing - Improve Aquaculture Genetics – Dr. John Buchanan, CEO, Center for Aquaculture Technologies

Genome Editing using CRISPR-/Cas9 System to Improve Nile tilapia, Dr. Jacob Biran, ARO
Novel Probiotics as Biotherapeutics – Dr. Geraldine Mlynarz, CEO IctioBiotic

Technology for Producing All-Female Progenies for Aquaculture – Prof. Lior David, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tech Glance:
AquiNovo - Innovative Feed Additives for Farmed Fish – Dr. Nissim Chen, CEO


Light Lunch Break


RAS Production Platforms:

Waste Management in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems - Prof. Jaap Van Rijn, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

RAS - The Future of The Global Fish and Sea Food Production - Mr. Yoav Dagan, VP Business Development, AquaMaof
Tech Glance:

ECOshrimp – Dr. Eran Hadas, CTO
BioFishency – Mr. Igal Magen, CTO 


Fire Side Chat: The Road from Basic Science to Aquaculture Applications:

Prof. Amir Sagi, Ben Gurion University of the Negev with Ms. Roni Sussman, Director, AquaculTech


Coffee Break 


Algal Technology:

Would You Eat a Blue Steak? – Prof. Isaac Berzin Vaxa -  CTO

Functional Food Ingredients – Dr. Dorit Avni, Migal - Galilee Research Institute
Genetically Engineered Algae – Dr. Naama Segal, Senior Scientist, IOLR/NCM

Tech Glance:

Seakura – Dr. Yossi Tal, CTO
Algaecore – Mr. Baruch Dach – Founder and CTO


Accelerating Agri-Food Transformation in Developing Countries 

Mr. Tobias Baedeker, Senior Agriculture Economist covering Mashreq The World Bank

Future Trend of Agriculture in Arid Areas 

Panel -

Ms. Dagnit Vered, CEO, Smart Agro 
Prof. Eran Raveh, ARO

Mr. Doron Meller, COO, Israel Innovation Institute

Moderator: Prof. Yoram Kapulnik, Executive Director, BARD
Tech Glance:

The Best Tech of Israeli Desert – Ms. Sivan Cohen Shachari, Director, DeserTech

Tomgrow, Mr. Matan Oz, VP Sales & Business Development


GALA Dinner


Greetings - H.E. Wael Bin Nasser Al Mubarak, Minister of Municipalities & Agriculture Affairs ,Kingdom of Bahrain

Award for the Memory of Mr. Hillel Gordin, the Founder of Marine Aquaculture in Israel, given by H.E. Mr. Oded Forer, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Minister for the Development of the Periphery, the Negev and the Galilee and Dr. Hanan Ginat, Head of Hevel Eilot Regional Council.

Show of Nimrod Harel, Mentalist.

Day 3
Thursday, October 20, 2022

1# Aquaculture


Cutting Edge Aquaculture Research

NMC - National Center for Mariculture | Eilat


Sustainability and Ecology 

The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat

2# Aquaculture in the Desert


Microalgae Production (Dunaliella)


Kibbutz Eilot


Microalgae Production & R&D


Kibbutz Ketura


Desert Agriculture


Active Ingredients from Desert Plants

Southern Arava R&D | Kibbutz Yotvata


Smart Agriculture in the Desert | Hydroponic System | Kibbutz Yotvata


Transforming Aquafood Systems: A Vision and Prospectus 

Mr. Vladimir Rakhmanin, Assistant Director-General, Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN)


The Money Behind Aquaculture 

Following the money in global aquaculture, Mr. Matt Craze – Founder, Spheric Research 
Money per Square Meter, Not Only Production. Successful Food Systems Approaches to Aquaculture Development – Prof. Barry Antonio Costa-Pierce, President/CEO Ecological Aquaculture Foundation and Professor at Nord University
Future Trends in Aquaculture and the Role of Investors – Mr. Keith Loo, Business Ventures Manager, Trendlines Agrifood Innovation Centre

Tech Glance:

DistanSea – Mr. Asaf Lahav, CEO
Mermade seafoods – Dr. Rotem Kadir, CTO




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