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3 Days Featuring Innovations in Sustainable Aquaculture and Arid Food Production Systems

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Bringing together international experts for inspirational lectures, exhibitions, posters & professional tours.

Addressing challenges to global sustainable and integrated aquaculture and desert agriculture, while presenting promising solutions and cutting-edge technology platforms.

Offering solutions to the ever-growing demand for sea food, while reducing worldwide fishing pressure on oceans and increasing production in marine and desert environments.

The event assembles all stakeholders of this critical ecosystem at one venue. It offers an opportunity to examine the latest progress in Israel’s research and that of global academies, experienced companies in the industry as well as emerging new companies, innovative start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs, and government representatives.


Exciting partnerships expanding across borders with representatives from 10 countries in the region and the world. You are invited to join with them to network and to exchange knowledge.

The event will include


Expert, industry & government panels

BTB meetings


Professional tours

Gala dinner

Happy Hour


About Eilat - Eilot

The Red Sea, the sun, and the desert in the Eilat-Eilot area serve as a fertile ground for Biotechnology, aquaculture, renewable and sustainable energy R&D as well as for scientific research in the fields of oceanography, limnology, mariculture, and marine biotechnology, addressing issues of national, regional, and global relevance and importance.


Together with the current and future industrial areas, Eilat-Eilot is the future of the Aquaculture sector.

Eilat is also an international tourist destination hosting 3 million visitors each year. Due to the Ramon International Airport location near the city, Eilat is a popular destination for international conferences and festivals.

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